Windows 11 Build 22621.608 addresses bugs in 22H2 update

A few days back Microsoft began rolling out the big Windows 11 2022 update in several countries. The major update is yet to reach all users. The 22H2 update comes with several new features and changes. But the update also carries some bugs with it. And so to address these bugs, Microsoft has released Windows 11 Build 22621.608 Preview Update.

As we mentioned in our 2022 update article, all its features will not be available in one update. Some of the remaining features will be available with minor updates and the upcoming October update. Coming to this update, this is the first update after the 22H2 update and it focuses on bug fixes but brings some notable changes as well.

The new Windows 11 preview update comes with build number 22621.608 and it is labeled as KB5017389. Since it is an incremental preview update, you might not need data as the 22H2 major update. Below you can see all the changes in the new Windows 11 build.

  • Addresses issues that cause updates to the Microsoft Store to fail.
  • Updates the start date for daylight saving time in Chile. It will start on September 11, 2022 instead of on September 4, 2022.
  • Addresses an issue that affects the font of three Chinese characters. When you format these characters as bold, the width size is wrong.
  • Addresses an issue that forces the IE mode tabs in a session to reload.
  • Addresses an issue that successfully opens a browser window in IE mode to display a PDF file. Later, browsing to another IE mode site within the same window fails.
  • Adds more dynamic Widgets content to your taskbar with notification badging. When you open the Widgets board, a banner appears at the top of the board. It provides more information about what triggered the notification badge.
  • Addresses an issue that affects Dual SIM calling. If you select no SIM on your phone and initiate a call on your device, Dual SIM functionality does not work.
  • Addresses an issue that affects some apps that were not signed by the Microsoft Store. You must reinstall them after you upgrade the OS.

These are the highlights of this update. But there are many other bugs addressed in this update that you can check by going to the official page.

Windows 11 build 22621.608 is a preview update and available to users who already updated their PC to Windows 11 22H2 version. As this is a preview update you will find it in the option update. To manually update your PC to this version, go to Settings > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Optional updates. Select the update and click the Download and Install button.

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