Windows 11 latest beta 22623.1095 brings new search box appearance to the start menu

As the holiday season goes off, Microsoft releases Windows 11’s first incremental upgrade of 2023. The tech giant rolls out the new update to the beta channel in Windows Insider Preview Program. And as always there are two builds, one for those who want to try out the new features, and one for those who want a better experience. This month’s beta builds are labeled with 22621.1095 and 22623.1095 version numbers.

Microsoft plants the new Windows 11 insider preview build to the beta channel with the 10.0.22623.1095 build number, if you are a beta tester, then you may have already received the new update on your PC. Although, this is a small incremental upgrade, still rolling with a list of changes.

Microsoft opts for a new search box design available inside the start menu, the new search box gets more rounded corners. There’s another visual change in this beta build, the upgrade Moved Quick Assist out of Windows Tools now available in all apps list in the Start Menu.

Windows 11 insider preview build 22623.1095 update

Moving to the fixes, then the new upgrade brings fixes to a couple of issues which could result in the top half of the taskbar getting clipped, addressing uninstall app dialog box not appearing correctly in the Start Menu, fixes a bunch of Task Manager issues including the issue where some services are not showing.

Here’s the complete list of fixes on Windows 11 insider preview build 22623.1095.

  • Taskbar & System Tray
    • Fixed a couple issues which could result in the top half of the taskbar getting clipped.
  • Start
    • Fixed an issue where the uninstall app dialog might not display correctly in the Start menu in certain cases, making the buttons inaccessible.
  • Task Manager
    • Fixed an issue causing filtering by publisher name to not match correctly on the Processes page.
    • Fixed an issue causing some services to not show in the Services page after filtering is applied.
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in new processes appearing in a filtered list if launched while a filter is set.
    • We fixed the issue where some dialogs were not rendering in the correct theme when applied from Task Manager Settings page.
    • The issue causing the data content area of the Processes page to flash once when theme changes are applied in the Task Manager Settings page is fixed.
    • The Startup apps page in Task manager will now list apps as expected.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause a black flash when opening Task Manager.
    • If there are no matching search results, Task Manager will now explicitly say that.
    • Fixed a Task Manager crash that could happen when attempting to end certain processes.
    • You can now set focus to the search box by pressing CTRL + F

Apart from these changes, there are some other fixes available on both betas builds, the list includes a more reliable search experience for Search on Taskbar, search box not displaying correctly on the taskbar, and many more.

Fixes available on both Windows 11 insider preview build 22621.1095 and 22623.1095:

  • Search on the Taskbar
    • We’ve made improvements to reliability to fix some crashes and the performance of animations and transitions.
    • We fixed the issue causing the search box on taskbar to not render correctly and display visual artifacts.
    • We fixed the issue causing layout issues with right-to-left display languages like Arabic.
  • Other Fixes
    • New! We changed the experience for preview .NET Framework updates. After you installed this update, all future preview (optional) .NET Framework updates would display on the Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Optional updates On that page, you could control which optional updates you wanted to install.
    • We fixed an issue that affected Windows Server 2022 domain controllers (DC). They stopped responding when they handled Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) requests.
    • We fixed an issue that might have occurred when the Input Method Editor (IME) was active. Applications might have stopped responding when you used the mouse and keyboard at the same time.
    • We fixed an issue that affected conhost.exe. It stopped responding.
    • We fixed an issue that affected how fast you could copy items from a network to a local computer. For some users, the copy speed was slower than expected.
    • We fixed an issue that affected certain systems that had firmware Trusted Platform Modules. (TPM). This issue stopped you from using AutoPilot to set up those systems.
    • We fixed a resource conflict issue between two or more threads (known as a deadlock). This deadlock affected COM+ applications.
    • We fixed an issue that affected devices that were subject to Microsoft Exploit Protection Export Address Filtering (EAF). Some applications stopped responding or did not open. These included Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.
    • We fixed an issue that affected searchindexer.exe. It randomly stopped you from signing in or signing out.
    • We fixed an issue that might have occurred when you converted or reconverted Japanese Kanji using a multibyte character set (MBCS) app. The cursor might have moved to the wrong location when you typed.
    • We fixed an issue that affected mstsc.exe. It stopped responding while connecting to a RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.
    • We fixed an issue that might have affected FindWindow() or FindWindowEx(). They might have returned the wrong window handle.
    • We fixed an issue that affected picture files you found using search on the taskbar. This issue stopped you from opening those pictures.

If you’ve joined the beta channel on Insider Preview Program and running on Windows 11, then you’ll receive the beta preview build. You can simply head over to Settings > Windows Update > click on Check for Updates. And from there you can simply install the update on your PC.

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