LG reveals When will LG Velvet receive Android 13 update?

Last year, LG promised that they will release two software upgrades for eligible phones. And the company has fulfilled its promise when talking about the Android 12 rollout. Now the company reveals its plans for the Android 13 rollout. Here’s when will the LG Velvet receive an Android 13 software upgrade.

LG Velvet and LG Wing are the company’s two premium phones eligible for the Android 13 software upgrade. The roadmap for Android 13 officially confirms by LG through a community forum post. And as per the information, LG Velvet is slated to receive the new software in Q1 2023.

The company didn’t reveal the rollout plan for LG Wing, instead, mention the Android security update coming to the LG Wing in the coming quarter. The community post also reveals other phones eligible for the security update, these phones are LG Q61, LG Q92 5G, and LG Q52 5G. Obviously, this timeline is for mainland South Korea, global release may take some extra time, we will share the updates once available to us.

LG Wing recently received the Android 12 update, so you might have to wait a little longer for the Android 13. Just like the Android 12 upgrade, it will bring a bunch of changes to your phone. Talking about the changes, then you can expect all essentials available on Android 13, including improved quick settings and notification layout, improved digital wellbeing, clipboard history improvements, more color palette options, per app language preference, and more.

Android 13 is going to be a major software upgrade for LG phones, so, it will weigh more in size compared to the security updates. So, make sure you have enough data or you can connect your phone to WiFi and install it on your phone.

If your LG Wing or Velvet is still running on an older OS, then you can go to Settings > Software Updates and then update your phone to the new version.

Before updating your phone, make sure to take a backup of important data and also charge your phone to at least 50%.

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