What Channel Number is TBS on Spectrum TV?

TBS is a top-rated media company that hosts several television networks. Known as Turner Broadcasting System, the TBS channel is viral because of its variety of content in the form of TV shows, sports events, and other drama-related shows. If you love such shows, the best way to enjoy and experience all the shows from TBS is by streaming them off the Spectrum.

Spectrum offers viewers three different TV packages, which you can pick based on the channels that you need or want to watch. Since TBS is available on Spectrum, a lot of Spectrum TV users would want to know what channel number the TBS channel is streaming on Spectrum.

If you want to know what channel number TBS is on Spectrum and the other ways you can stream or watch the TBS channel, you’ve come to the right place.

Since a lot of people prefer to use Spectrum as their main source for TV channels, it is equally important to know what channel number TBS is on. For the most part, TBS on Spectrum would be either on channel 2 or channel number 50.

One must understand that the TBS channel is in another city and would be on a different number. So, to save yourselves some digging, here is a list of cities with the TBS channel number on Spectrum TV.

TBS on Spectrum – Channel Number and Cities

Browse through the list of cities to see what channel number TBS is on.

  • Atlanta: 39
  • Austin: 65
  • Bakersfield: 32
  • Bronx: 8
  • Brooklyn: 8
  • Buffalo: 26
  • Charlotte: 24
  • Cincinnati: 6
  • Cleveland: 33
  • Columbus: 17
  • Dallas: 51
  • Desert Cities: 32 or 38
  • El Paso: 39
  • Fort Worth: 51
  • Hillsborough: 23
  • Indianapolis: 23
  • Los Angeles: 41
  • Louisville: 27
  • Milwaukee: 3
  • New York: 8
  • Ohio: 27
  • Orlando: 12
  • Pasco and Hernando: 23
  • Pinellas: 23
  • Rockingham: 23
  • San Antonio: 12
  • San Diego: 2
  • St. Louis: 51
  • Tampa: 23
  • Worcester: 33

Now, the channel number, as I have stated earlier, can be different for different cities. So, it would be ideal to simply scroll through your list of channels provided to you by Spectrum, or you could always ask your neighbors or friends to see what channel number is for TBS on Spectrum.

How to Watch TBS Channel On Spectrum

The best way to watch TBS on Spectrum TV is by choosing any of the three plans that Spectrum has to offer for you. Spectrum has 3 TV package plans, and each plan has a set of channels that are exclusive to the plan. However, there is a bung of channels, including the TBS channel that is common to the three TV packages available on Spectrum.

Spectrum TV Select Signature Plan

This is the basic plan from Spectrum TV. With the Signature TV plan, you get access to 150 TV channels. , including the TBS channel. This plan will cost you $64.99 per month and, right now, Spectrum is offering its users a Disney+ Basic subscription for free.

Top-rated channels from this plan include HGTV, INSP, Hallmark Channel, ESPN, Comedy Central, Food Network, MTV, and History Channel-just to name a few.

Spectrum TV Select Plus

Similar to the Signature TV plan, the only difference is you get access to numerous sports network channels. This is a plan perfect for those who care a lot about sports, whether it’s national or regional sports. Spectrum gives you access to 160+ channels for a monthly price tag of $74.99.

As of now, when you order this plan, Spectrum is giving you Disney+ Basic and ESPN+ for free. Apart from the TBS Channel, you also get notable channels such as NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, Tennis Channel ESPN 2 Nickelodeon, and SY FY.

Mi Plan Latino

Now, even if you are someone who speaks Latin but still wants to watch TBS, you can do that with Spectrum’s Mi Plan Latino. This is the exclusive Latin plan that has a buffet of Latin channels. Spectrum gives you 10+ channels for $39.99 per month.

Notable channels from the plan include Telemundo, Univision, History, Disney Channel, AMC, CNN En Español, TNT, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, TLC, and FX.

Can You Watch the TBS Channel on Mobile?

Yes, you can watch the TBS Channel on your smartphone or tablet via the Spectrum TV mobile app. The app is available on Android as well as iOS devices. As long as you have an active Spectrum TV plan, you can watch and stream TBS on your smartphone.

If you have an Amazon Fire tablet or a Fire Stick plug-in device, you can install the dedicated Plectrum TV app for the Fire Stick. Additionally, you can also watch and watch your favorite TBS shows on your PC or laptop through the Spectrum TV website. You simply need to sign in with your Spectrum TV account, ensure that you have a working or active Spectrum plan, and you are good to go.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the guide on the channel numbers for the TBS Channel on Spectrum TV. Apart from just using the cable TV box that Spectrum gives you, you can also stream the TBS Channel on your smartphone and computer, as well as your Fire Stick plug-in devices.

If you have Spectrum TV and stream TBS, list the channel number and your city in the comments section below.

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