Ashutosh Singh

YouTubers test Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's durability

Feb 10, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the latest premium Galaxy phone from Samsung. It will be available to all from February 17.

Currently, the phone is available to reviewers and influencers for testing purposes.

Several reviewers performed various tests on the phone including durability tests. Here are the results of those tests.

In the JerryRigs scratch test video, the Galaxy S23 Ultra display is scratched at hardness level 6 which is similar to other premium phones.

Scratch Test

JerryRigEverything also did a bend test and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is hard as rock.

Bend Test

According to the PBKreviews, the Galaxy S23 Ultra screen cracked in a 2-3 feet drop, but it was still working. Drop test results are not always the same for everyone.

Drop Test

Nowadays almost every phone can handle few hours in water. Galaxy S23 Ultra is a premium phone and passed the test without any issues.

Water Test

YouTubers also put the Galaxy S23 to compare its battery with other high-end phones and the results are impressive, check the comparison with iPhone 14 Pro Max.