Haneet Singh

YouTubers' Full-Day Journey with Vision Pro

February 5, 2024

Apple Vision Pro, Spatial Computer, became available last week in the US.

Apple Vision Pro is one of the heaviest headsets out there. In this story, we will be looking at how does it feel wearing the Vision Pro for entire day.

A fun experiment going on among reviewers is using the Vision Pro for an entire day. Here are the results.

Video: iFixit

Joanna spent a day using the Vision Pro. Of course not the full 24 hours, but most of the time when it can be used. And her experience was good in terms of comfort.

Video: The Wall Street Journal

Joanna Stern

She did use the dual loop band which is more comfortable for longer use. She also mentioned Display quality is the best compared to other headsets. The device have negatives too.

Video: Canoopsy


Everything is good. He did not feel any fatigue after wearing the headset for an entire day, however, he had not had good experiences with VR headsets before.

The Vision Pro isn’t for everyone, if you are a tech enthusiast or willing to spend $3500 just for fun then you can give it a chance.

It is the first generation device and has both good and bad things like good display, cool concepts, heavy weight, poor battery life, limited apps in the app store, etc.

IMG: Apple