Ashutosh Singh

YouTuber puts Apple Watch Ultra in extreme durability test

March 24, 2023

The market for smartwatches is growing because the technology of watches is improving every year.

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Right now, the three most popular smartwatches are the Apple Watch series, the Pixel Watch, and the Galaxy Watch series.

The Apple Watch Ultra, Pixel Watch, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro top the list of watches launched last year.

A YouTuber conducted durability test between these three smartwatches. And it includes running a car over these watches.

Video: Pete Matheson (YouTube)

Yes, there are already several durability test video reviews available, but viewing all three popular watches side-by-side reveals even more depth.

Video: TechRax (YouTube)

Youtuber Pete Matheson performed sand test, water test, freezing test, hard fall test, heat test and car test.

Video: Pete Matheson (YouTube)

All the three smartwatches performed very well in all the easy tests and even survived the fall test.

But it was the car test in which all three watches failed. In the test Pete ran a car tyre over these watches.

Video: Pete Matheson (YouTube)

While the displays of each smartwatch survived, it was the back that shattered and the watches stopped working.

Video: Pete Matheson (YouTube)

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