Battlegrounds Mobile India

System Requirements

PUBG finally landed in India with a new branding, the overhauled game is slated as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has just begun pre-registration on the Play Store as of now.

Pre-Registration Rewards

The rewards include outfits and skins of weapons. Plus, you’ll be able to collect more rewards during the game’s first week from the launch date.

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Launch Date

The game is expected to be launch on Android and iOS in the month of June. Players will also be able to retain their inventories from the original PUBG account.

Android System Requirements

Battlegrounds Mobile India will run on Android 5.1 Lollipop or newer phones with minimum 2GB or RAM. 

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Even if you have a new phone that is on the low-end spec in 2021 but meets the minimum RAM requirements, you should be able to easily play the game.

iOS System Requirements

So far there has not been any official announcement regarding iOS availability, we can assume that the game will run on iPhone 6 Plus or newer with atleast iOS 9.

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Storage Space Requirements

As of now, there is no rough estimate. If you take a look at the original PUBG game for Android it could come in at around 1-3GB and around 2.5GB on iOS devices.

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