Ashutosh Singh

When will Apple's Vision Pro be available?

June 6, 2023

At the WWDC event on June 5, Apple announced a new product called Apple Vision Pro. It is the company’s first AR VR headset.

Apple's VR headset is already ahead than competition in the first attempt. Well the company was working on this for a long time.

Apple Vision Pro comes with innovative design, powerful hardware, latest technology and a lot more which makes it interesting.

But it is not affordable at all. Well it was expected as an Apple product and includes top notch technology. It will cost $3499 in the US.

Although the company has officially announced the Vision Pro, users cannot actually buy it yet. So when will you be able to buy it? let's find out.

The first Apple Vision Pro is said to be available early next year. Yes, we will have to wait for another half a year before we can buy it.

It will be available for purchase from and may be other e-commerce websites and official Apple stores.

IMG: Unsplash

The Vision Pro (tagged Spatial Computer) will be available in the US at first and will be available in more regions later.

IMG: Unsplash