Ashutosh Singh

When will Apple launch new iPads and Macs?

Oct 12, 2022

Last month, Apple unveiled its latest generation of iPhone and Apple Watch. But the firm still has some products for this year.

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Usually, Apple hold an event in October every year dedicated for the Macs and iPad launch.

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But leaks suggest there will be no dedicated event this year, instead Apple will launch its products directly through Press Release.

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Apple will launch its remaining products on October 24. Yes, in two weeks we will get to see more new Apple products.

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Rumors suggest that several Apple products are expected to launch along with new software versions this month.

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Apple is expected to launch new MacBook Pro lineup featuring latest M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

MacBook Pro

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New Mac Mini is also due for the launch. The M1 Mac Mini was launched in 2020, so we can expect M2 Mac Mini this year.

Mac M2 Mini

Two new iPads could also launch on October 24. We are talking about a new iPad Pro and iPad 10.

New iPads

Apple might also release iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 after the event. So finally iPad users get to experience iPadOS 16.

iPadOS 16.1 & iOS 16.1

There may be some more product launches. Once we have more information we will share it in the next story.

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