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When is iOS 16 Coming Out?

iOS 16 is the next version of iOS for iPhone which is expected to be released later this year. iPadOS 16 will also come with iOS 16.


If you are an iPhone user and waiting for the new iOS 16 update. Here you can check when iOS 16 will come out.

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Apple's next big event is called WWDC which is going to take place between June 6 and June 10. This is the event where Apple announces its new OS.

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iOS 16 will also be announced at the WWDC event on June 6. And the first iOS 16 developer beta will go live on the same day.

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According to rumors, the first iOS 16 public beta is expected to be available in July along with the third iOS 16 developer beta. Yep, it's a little late this year.

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As usual the new iOS 16 will be released along with the new iPhone 14 around September. iOS 16 will be available to everyone with supported devices.

iOS 16 Release Date

You can also check out iOS 16 expected features and supported devices by using the swipe up link.

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