Ashutosh Singh

When is Android 14 coming out?

March 8, 2023

While many phones are yet to receive the Android 13 update despite being eligible, earlier this year Google started Android 14 developer testing.

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Google released the first Android 14 Developer Preview in February. And it comes with a few nifty features. But big features are expected in the upcoming builds.

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If you have or don't have a phone eligible for Android 14, but you're an Android user, the Android 14 release schedule might interest you.

Like every year, this year also Google is following the same pattern to release Android 14. Here's what the schedule looks like.

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As per the official roadmap, the second developer preview will roll out in March itself. First public beta release in April.

The second beta is planned for release in May. Google may release it at its annual developer conference - Google I/O, which is scheduled for May 10.

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The third beta in June and the fourth beta in July. And coming to the final release means it will start rolling out to the public. It is expected to release in August or September.

Well the above release actually applies to Pixel phones as other OEMs take their time to test and rollout the update to its devices.

After Google, Samsung might be next phone to provide Android 14 update to most of its phone by this year.

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