Ashutosh Singh

When is Android 14 Coming Out to the Public?

August 11, 2023

Google started testing the Android 14 back in February starting with developer preview builds.

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Since then, Google released two Android 14 developer previews and five Android 14 beta builds excluding incremental betas.

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It’s been seven months since the start of Android 14 testing. So When is Android 14 coming out to the public?

When a beta is supposed to be the last beta build, Google addresses everyone in the Android Developers blog announcement.

With the fifth beta, Google hints at official release. From the last few years, we have seen Google releasing public version of Android three to four weeks after the last beta.

This means, Google could release the official version of Android 14 by the last week of August or before September 8.

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Only eligible Google Pixel phones will be receiving the Android 14 official version when it releases. Non-Pixel users have to wait longer.

Its because it is up to OEMs when they want to release update for their devices. Top flagship phones might get the stable Android 14 in October.

According to last few years, not many devices will be getting Android 14 this year except in case of Samsung.

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