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What to Expect from Microsoft Event on October 12?

Oct 9, 2022

IMG: Microsoft

The Microsoft event is upon us. It is an annual event and is scheduled to take place on October 12.

As usual Microsoft is going to launch some laptops and PCs in this event. So you can expect some refreshes in the Surface series.

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Microsoft Surface Laptops are popular but need some necessary upgrades as previous generation laptops are outdated.

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And as the event is only a couple of days away. Here is everything you can expect from the Microsoft event.

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The new generation of Surface Laptop is expected to be launched at the event in 13.5-inch and 15-inch sizes.

Surface Laptop 5

IMG: Unsplash

At the event, Microsoft is expected to launch the new Pro Surface Laptop - Surface Pro 9.

Surface Pro 9

The last Surface Book was released in 2020. And so Microsoft may bring an upgrade to the Surface Book series as well.

Surface Book 4

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Now coming to what we want at the event. The new Surface Go 4 will be a nice upgrade and there is some possibility that Microsoft may release it.

Surface Go 4

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Surface Studio is All in One PC and was last released in 2018. So we might even see a new Surface Studio 3.

Surface Studio 3

IMG: Unsplash

The studio laptop comes with a powerful GPU. We also want to see a new Surface Studio laptop at the event.

Surface Laptop

IMG: Unsplash

According to recent leaks, the Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9 will come with the latest Intel 12th generation processors.

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