Ashutosh Singh

What new features are coming to iPhone with iOS 16.1?

Oct 21, 2022

Apple is soon going to launch the first major update after the release of iOS 16 for iPhones.

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If you updated your iPhone to iOS 16, you might have encountered some major bugs and want to go back to iOS 15.

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Well the new iOS 16.1 is almost here. Its beta updates already revealed what to expect from the update. So let's check what's new.

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It allows sharing photos with family members or friends in an easy way. Users in the group can add, edit and delete photos.

iCloud Shared Library

Live activities on the lock screen is a new feature. And with iOS 16.1 it will also be available for third party apps.

Expanded Live Activities

A new option is coming under Battery Health & Charging. Its purpose is to reduce carbon emissions while charging.

Clean Energy Charging

iOS 16.1 enables sharing Car, Hotel room, and other keys securely in Wallet using Messaging apps.

Key Sharing

Apple card users can open High Yield Saving account that allow users to grow Daily Cash for the amount in the Saving Account.

High Yield Saving Account

iPhone running iOS 16.1 support Apple Fitness+ even if user don’t have Apple Watch.

Fitness+ without Apple Watch

There are some other minor changes in the upcoming iOS 16.1 update. It is expected to release on October 24.

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