Track your Smartphone Usage with Wallpapers

Do you like wallpapers? What if the wallpaper changes its appearance according to your Phone usage. Yes, just like the Digital Wellbeing concept. It will be amazing right!

Wallpaper is one of the top priority utility when you want to customize your phone or even just want to improve the look of homescreen.

WellPaper App

Digital Wellbeing is a feature that shows data like which apps you use for how much time. And with this concept OneLab released a wallpaper app called ‘WellPaper’.

WellPaper is a new app for Android phones from OnePlus. It works on phones with Android 7.0 and later releases. It also shows how much you are using your phone daily.

The WellPaper app comes with three default wallpapers which have different colors in different formats that show app usage from different categories. This way you can track record of your app usage.

How to track your Smartphone usage with Wallpapers

Now let’s see how to use the WellPaper app to track your smartphone's uses with Wallpapers. Install WellPaper app from the Play Store.

In the App, select one of your favorite wallpapers and tap on the View button. Then tap on the Set Wallpaper button. It will then apply to your home screen.


The colors on the wallpaper will take place in the screen as per the usage of apps, and so you will find it like moving wallpaper which looks great.