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Top Intriguing Features of iOS 16.2

Dec 15, 2022

Apple has released the second major update after the release of iOS 16. The last major update was iOS 16.1.

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Like iOS 16.1, iOS 16.2 comes with some amazing features, including some last-minute additions that make the update even better.

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If you're an iPhone user, you might want to check out the best features of the latest iOS 16.2 update.

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Best feature for holidays. It is a Karaoke-like feature in Apple Music. Users can reduce vocal volume to sing along. For iPhone 11 and newer.

Apple Music Sing

iOS 16.2 brings end to end encryption to iCloud data. iCloud data will only be decrypted on trusted devices.

Advanced Data Protection

5G is new in India and so this feature was not available until now. iPhone users in India can now access 5G services after upgrading to iOS 16.2

5G Support in India

It is a new app available in iOS 16.2. The app is like a whiteboard in which users can draw or take notes and connected user will see it in realtime.

Freeform app

iPhone 14 Pro users can now disable Wallpaper and Notification from Always on Display. 

Disable Wallpaper in AOD

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In iOS 16.2, the AirDrop is set to Contacts Only. Users can choose Everyone for 10 Minutes option but after 10 minutes it will switch back to Contacts Only.

Airdrop Settings

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These are some main features of iOS 16.2, but these are not all. You can check full changes on the linked page.

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