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Top Intriguing Features of Android 12L

Google has surprised users with an upgraded Android 12 version called Android 12L. Android 12L is built for large-screen devices like tablets and foldable phones.

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Android 12L comes with an optimized interface and performance for larger screens.

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Here are some of the best features of Android 12L.

We all know that Google was working on an Android 12 update for devices with different form factors. And it is now available as Android 12L, no there will be no Android 12.1.

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As Android 12L is the enhancement to Android 12, it will have the Material You design language. Yes all the Material You customization will be there.

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Material You

As large screens have more space, many elements will open in a two column layout. Quick Settings, notifications, lock screen, will take advantage of large screens.

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Two Column Layout

The main purpose of a device with a large screen is multitasking. In Android 12L, you get a taskbar with gestures. You can easily switch to multitasking with drag and drop.

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Many apps are already optimized for large screens such as Disney+, GApps, Signal, Twitch, Shazam, etc. And more will be optimized soon.

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App Compatibility

Android 12L Developer Preview is already available with these features. And Android 12L beta will be released in December 2021 followed by a final release in Q1 2022.

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