Ashutosh Singh

Top 9 Intriguing Camera features of Pixel 7 Pro

Oct 7, 2022

IMG: Google

After a long wait, the tech giant Google has finally launched Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. These are now the latest flagship phones by Google.

Pixel phones are popular for amazing camera performance. And it got even better with some new camera features.

It allows users to capture photos as they seem real with no further enhancements to skin tone to keep real as much possible.

Real Tone

Pixel 7 series comes with this new feature that helps people who are blind or low vision. Users will hear audio that will guide to adjust camera for selfies.

Guided Frame

New feature on Pixel 7 series allows us to remove blur from old photos. This can be done from Photos app even if the photo taken from other camera.

Remove Blur

The 48MP telephoto camera on Pixel 7 Pro combined with Tensor G2 and machine learning can capture 30x Zoom photos.

Pixel 7 Pro 30x Zoom

The new Tensor G2 chip helps Pixel 7 take night photos better by reducing noise, and less capturing time.

Improved Night Sight

Pixel 7 Pro has wider lens (21% wider than Pixel 7) and so it captures more area and hence helps in macro shots as well.

More Frames in One Shot

Both Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro cam capture 2x photos in high resolution with sharp details. It performs similar to dedicated 2x telephoto camera.

Super Res Zoom

Pixel 7 Pro comes up with a telephoto camera which sports 5x optical zoom. You can now capture high quality photos in between 2x and 5x zoom.

Better Optical Zoom

You can shoot even better videos with the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro using the new Cinematic Blur feature which record videos at 4K60 FPS.

Cinematic Blur

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