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Top 6 Features coming to iPhone with iOS 16.4

March 23, 2023

Earlier this week, Apple released the release candidate version of iOS 16.4. This mean if there are no issues, it will release to everyone next week.

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Yes, you can expect the iOS 16.4 Public build next week. It will be available to everyone running on iOS 16 build.

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The iOS 16.4 RC comes with many new features and the same feature will also release on the upcoming build. Here are the main features.

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There are 21 new emojis in the Emoji keyboard. If you use Emojis a lot, you will have more emojis in iOS 16.4.

New Emojis

If you have Web Apps added to your home screen, you will also receive its notifications.

Web apps Notifications

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iOS 16.4 can detect duplicates even from shared photo library. Users can take action on duplicates if they are the owner.

Duplicate for Shared Library

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Voice Isolation option for cellular calls and Facetime calls. This will be available under Mic Mode in Control Center.

Voice Isolation

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VoiceOver will now work in Maps and Weather app.

Voice Over Changes

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If a video content has a repeated flashing or strobing light scene, it will be automatically Dimmed.

Dim Flashing Light

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- 5G Standalone in Voice & Data - Page turn in animation is back in Apple Books - New Siri Voices - New Widgets for Apple Wallet

Other Features

- New Profile Settings Page for Beta Updates - UI updates on Apple Music - A new app called Apple Music Classical - New shortcut actions - Bug fixes and improvements

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