Ashutosh Singh

Tips to Increase Battery Life on Pixel Fold

September 5, 2023

Optimizing battery usage becomes essential on the Fold, particularly given to the demand of two screens.

To help Pixel Fold owners make the most of their device, here's a list of effective tips and tricks you can follow to increase battery life.

If you think an app on your phone is consuming too much battery, then you can restrict the usage inside the Battery Usage Settings

Restrict Battery Usage

If you are travelling and need most battery life, turn on the battery saver option. You can also activate Extreme Battery Saver which will pause the function of unnecessary apps.

Extreme Battery Saver

Pixel phone has Now Playing feature which listens to music playing around to give you recommendation. Turn it off in Lock screen Settings.

Turn Off Now Playing

GPS uses to much power and so if you are not using it, turn it Off. Also turn off Location Accuracy under GPS.

Turn Off GPS

If you have access to Wi-Fi, use it for Internet as it consume less data compared to using Internet via Cellular data.

Prefer Wi-Fi over Cellular Date

Wi-Fi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning are always running and consumes power. Simply, turn it off and save more battery.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning

Use Dark Theme to save some battery. Light theme requires more power whereas Dark theme requires less power.

Enable Dark Mode

Keeping the phone in high brightness drains battery faster. Keep the brightness level to minimum at which the screen is visible.

Reduce Brightness

- Lock Screen Settings: Turn off Always show time and info, lift to check phone, wake screen for notification. - Avoid Live Wallpapers

More Tips

- Set short time for screen timeout - Turn off auto Wi-Fi enable near saved networks - Remove unused apps - Don’t overcharge your phone