Ashutosh Singh

This Might Be the Best Way to Use iMessage on Android

Dec 4, 2022

iPhones are popular for many reasons, and iMessage is one of them. It is among the best messaging apps.

But iMessage only works between two Apple devices and not between Apple and Android.

This is disappointing as there are a large number of Android users and they need to use third party social apps to communicate with Apple users. 

There are a few ways to get iMessage working on Android but they are not straightforward and not even free. 

A new app called Sunbird has been announced. And its developers are claiming that it brings iMessage on Android without any cost and extra steps. 

C. Scott Brown from Android Authority has tested the app and it works. Yes the app allows communication between iMessage of Android and iPhone. 

Well the app still needs many improvements and this is acceptable as the app is still in testing. 

The app is available to users through a waiting list. Interested users can join the waiting list from its official site. 

To reduce waiting time, users can share their referrals. And if five users join the waitlist from the link, the user can get the app without waiting. 

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