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These New Features are coming to iPhone in 2024

Nov 18, 2023

As we have read in leaks and rumors, iOS 18, the next iOS version, is already shaping up to be an interesting OS.

Apple is planning to make iOS 18 an ambitious update. This will be one of the best iOS upgrades after iOS 14 which introduced new UI and widgets.

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Recently, we learned that Apple paused development of new features in iOS 18 to focus on bug fixes. And also that it will ship with major new features and design changes.

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It is rumored that iOS 18 will bring AI features to iPhones. It is not yet known what specific AI features will be available.

AI Features

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Our guess is that it will include generative AI features like text to image, auto translation etc. which are also coming in phones from other companies.

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There are also rumors that Apple may eventually bring the sideloading function to iOS. This means that users can install apps manually.

Apps Sideloading

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This was spotted on the recent iOS 17.2 beta code. It is not backed by known tipsters yet, so it can be a false rumor. Only time will tell.

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Apple officially announced that, they will bring RCS support to iMessages. This will let Android and iPhone users interact with messages.


This will not end Blue bubble or green bubble barrier. But users will not have to go for third party alternatives for sending messages.

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As of now there are limited information available about iOS 18 features. With time we will get to know more about upcoming iOS.

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As usual, the iOS 18 developer beta is expected to be available in Summer followed by the public release in the next Fall.

When it will be available?

As Apple is expected to bring AI capabilities which could be limited based on hardware, Apple may drop some iPhones from new iOS eligibility list.

Eligible Devices