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These iPhones may miss support for iOS 16

iOS 16 will be released along with iPhone 14 later this year. But before that Apple will release iOS 16 in beta after the WWDC 22 event.

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Last year, Apple surprised everyone that all iOS 14 supported iPhones will also support iOS 15. So no change has been made to eligible iPhones over the past two years.


But this time Apple may drop some iPhones. So let's find out which iPhone may get iOS 16 and which may not.

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There are already some leaks available which show that some devices will not get iOS 16 due to hardware incompatibility. So let's check the list.

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- iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 mini - iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max - iPhone 12 - iPhone 12 mini - iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max

Eligible Devices

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- iPhone 11 - iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max - iPhone Xs & Xs Max - iPhone Xr - iPhone X - iPhone 8 & 8 Plus - iPhone 7 & 7 Plus - iPhone SE 2 - iPhone SE 3

The upcoming iPhone 14 series will come with iOS 16 on board. The 2022 iPhones will get 5-6 major iOS upgrades.

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So iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE 1st gen are the three iPhones that will miss the iOS 16 update. These phones are already at least 6 years old.

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We were surprised when these got iOS 14 and iOS 15. So it's acceptable even if these phones don't get iOS 16 because no other phones get support that long.

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