Ashutosh Singh

These accessibility features are coming with iOS 17

May 21, 2023

Just like last year, Apple showed off new features coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with new updates later this year.

Yes, Apple previewed the accessibility features for iOS 16 update last year. This means that the recently announced accessibility features will come with iOS 17.

Better experience for Phone, FaceTime, Messages, Photos, Camera, and Music to help users with Cognitive Disabilities.

Assistive Access

The interface on mentioned apps include high contrast buttons, large text labels. Users can choose more visual, grid-based layout or row based layout.

Users can type what they want to say in calls or FaceTime and the text will be spoken out loud. Users can also save common phrases to save time.

Live Speech

Users with conditions that can impact their speaking ability can now save their voice on their device to use it later. The voice will sound like them.

Personal Voice

New feature in Magnifier allow users with vision disabilities to interact with physical device with text labels. It can read text levels on devices like Microwave.

Point and Speak in Magnifier

Users who are sensitive to rapid animations can pause GIFs and other Images with moving elements.

Pause Moving Images

There are a couple of other improvements in Accessibility that you can check on the attached page.