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These 5 Features are coming to iPhone with iOS 16.2

Nov 26, 2022

Apple is testing the second major update after the iOS 16 release. The tech giant released iOS 16.1 to the public a month ago.

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Since then, Apple released three iOS 16.2 beta builds and at least one more beta is expected ahead of its public release.

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iOS 16.2 public build is expected to be released next month. Here are the main features coming with this update.

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Always on Display on iPhone 14 Pro shows dim wallpaper, but with iOS 16.2 you would be able to hide wallpapers for simple AOD.

New AOD Options

A new Apple app that acts as whiteboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Users can draw, insert notes, and more. It will be available with iOS 16.2.

Freeform App

Apple TV will show MLB, NBA and premier league live scores in the lock screen thanks to live activities support for Sports in Apple TV App.

Apple TV Live Scores

India’s popular carrier services has started rolling the 5G and so Apple is adding support for 5G to iPhones with iOS 16.2.

5G Support for India

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iOS 16.2 brings new widgets for Medication and Sleep. It let users see medication schedule, and sleep sessions.

New Lock Screen Widgets

There are going to be more changes such as tweaks on Apple Music, Home App, Live Activities changes and more.

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