Ashutosh Singh

The original iPhone sells for record high $190,372

July 17, 2023

There are many users who like to collect old tech for fun and this is the reason why we see a bunch of devices on auction.

The common tech items that are often auctioned off are primarily the first of their kind, such as the first TV, first phone, first iPhone, and others.

We have witnessed the original iPhone selling for a substantial amount, with a recent example being Marques from MKBHD purchasing the original iPhone for a price exceeding $40,000.

However, another sealed original iPhone has fetched a record-breaking price at auction, surpassing all previous records.

Someone successfully won the bid for the original iPhone 4GB variant at a staggering price of $190,372 during the auction.

In 2007, Apple introduced the 4GB original iPhone at a price of $500, while the 8GB model was priced at $600.

LCG Auctions explains why users are willing to pay more for 4GB more than 8GB model. Yes 8GB model bid is around $50000-$70000 which is less than 4GB model.

It is because the 4GB model was discontinues with in a few months which means there are limited 4GB model.