Ashutosh Singh

Start Your Day with These 7 Refreshing iPhone Wallpapers

Oct 16, 2023

At a present time we all start our day by looking at the phone either to check updates from family, work, friends, or just for entertainment.

IMG: Unsplash

The first thing we see on opening phone is wallpaper. So wallpapers play an important role in your life.

IMG: Unsplash

Here are the 7 refreshing wallpapers you can use to make a new start everyday. Download links for wallpapers are in the last page.

IMG: Unsplash

AI artworks are mind-blown and here's another sample showing Lion and Abstract art in single frame.

Lion Wallpaper

A photo of lighthouse during sunset, another soothing wallpaper for fresh start.


This vibrant wallpaper features a child standing in a middle of a floating river which looks stunning.

Magical Wallpaper

For people with minimalist approach, we attach a vibrant aesthetic background.

Aesthetic Wallpaper

Gradients are amazing and here's another stunning sample, you can use it on your phone.

Colorful Gradient

Another soothing background in this list to show your style.

Perfection is Boring

Winters are coming and here's a dedicated wallpaper to kick the season off.

Winter Vibes

You can easily get all these wallpapers in high quality, by swiping up to this page.