Ashutosh Singh

Should you upgrade your Pixel to Android 13?

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After investing a long time in beta testing, Google finally released the stable Android 13 Update.

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The Android 13 is now available for Google Pixel 4 and newer Pixel devices.

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Since this is the first stable Android 13 update, you might be wondering whether you should install Android 13 or not. Here is your answer.

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The Android 13 comes with a bunch of new changes and upgrades over Android 12.

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And on top of that the update comes with over 100 bug fixes present in Android 13 beta and Android 12.

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Android 13 has already been tested for about six months and so it doesn't come with any major issue. Plus it brings the latest security patches.

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You can update your Pixel phone to Android 13. Yes it may have minor issues but it will not affect even in primary usage.

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The update already rolls out to eligible phones, you can easily update to new software via OTA, or you can follow the installation guide.

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