Ashutosh Singh

Should you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 17?

September 19, 2023

After a long wait, the feature-rich iOS 17 is now available to the public. It was in beta for more than 3 months.

As iPhone users have not experienced significant changes in recent months, many are eagerly looking forward to the iOS 17.

Naturally, you may have doubts whether you should upgrade to iOS 17 or not. Here's some information that will assist you in making your decision.

It's been almost a full day since the official release of iOS 17, and feedback from many users is now available.

The initial impression of iOS 17 is that it feels smoother, especially when unlocking the device.

Some users have reported battery drain on older iPhones (11 series). It's possible that the issue will resolve with next update, returning to normal battery life soon.

For most users, the new update is better than the last iOS 16 build. Plus the iOS 17 brings a bunch of new features like Standby, NameDrop etc.

I've personally experienced improved performance with iOS 17. If you're considering upgrading to iOS 17, it appears to be a safe choice as there don't seem to be any major bugs.