Ashutosh Singh

Should you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16.1?

Oct 26, 2022

On Monday this week, Apple finally released iOS 16.1 to the public after a long wait.


iOS 16 is a major update with many new features but it has several bugs which led many users to switch back to iOS 15.

As iOS 16 has a lot of bugs, one always thinks twice before updating to a new iOS update.

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Here we'll help you decide whether you should wait or update your iPhone to iOS 16.1.

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iOS 16.1 brings new features such as iCloud Shared Photos Library, battery percentage on remaining iPhones, Live Activities, and more.

If you're already on the iOS 16 update, you should upgrade to iOS 16.1 as it's a slightly a better update with new features.

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It still has some bugs which may be different for different users. But if you want to experience iOS 16 features, iOS 16.1 is a better update.

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If you are on iOS 15 build and want to upgrade, I would suggest reading iOS 16.1 user feedback first on various social media platforms.

As per some users, the battery backup has gotten better on iOS 16.1, but it has some WiFi issues (not for all users).

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So it all depends on your choice. If you can live with some bugs for the new features, then you should update to iOS 16.1.

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