Ashutosh Singh

Should you install iOS 17 Public Beta?

July 13, 2023

After a long wait, Apple has finally made the iOS 17 Public Beta available for iPhone users. Anyone who want to test iOS 17 can easily install it.

Apple has started testing iOS 17 soon after its announcement via developer beta. Since then Apple has released four betas.

And as Apple promised to release the public beta in July, the public beta is finally available on time.

We know that iOS 17 public beta is better than developer beta in terms of stability. But there is always a question whether you should install iOS 17 Public Beta.

Apple has removed several bugs, thanks to developer beta testing. And in our testing we found the latest developer beta quite stable.

Since the first public beta is based on the latest developer beta, similar performance is expected. I'm talking about performance in general use.

iOS 17 comes with a bunch of new features and in comparison to small amount of bugs, new features always win. So if you can’t wait you can install iOS 17 Public Beta.

But make sure to take backup before installing the iOS 17 Public Beta in iCloud as well as Local Backup. This is important to ensure you don’t lose data.