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Several New Features coming to Android and Wear OS

Dec 2, 2022

Google releases a feature drop update for Android frequently with new useful features. And the last feature drop update of the year is here.

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Here are all the new features coming with December Pixel Feature Drop.

Google Photos has several styles for the collage editor, and with the new update, there are now two new styles.

More Collage Options

This is quite interesting. The Emoji Kitchen, which is used to combine emoji to create new emoji, now has new emoji options.

New Emojis for Mashup

New Reading Mode on Android optimizes font attriutes, contrast, to make it helpful for people who are blind, low vision or dyslexic.

New Reading Mode

Latest update brings new YouTube Home Screen search widget using which users can open Library, Shorts or Subscription in one tap.

New YouTube app Widget

Users with Google TV can now cast any content to their TV with a single tap from the Google TV app on the phone.

Cast from Google TV app

Digital Car Key is a helpful feature which will be widely used in future. With the update users can share Digital Keys with friends across Pixel and iPhones.

Share Digital Car Key

With this update, WearOS smartwatch users get more features like new tiles on their watches, updated Google Keep app, and easy access to exercises.

Additions to Wear OS

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