Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Loses Top Spot in Foldable Sales – But to Whom?

June 1, 2024

As we all know when it comes to foldables, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is Samsung.

Samsung entered the foldable market at an early stage and so its contribution is huge to the success of foldable market.

They have some amazing foldables in their portfolio and that’s why they were on the top spot for foldable sales for a long time.

However, the crown now goes to another company as Samsung slips to the second place.

As per the report by Counterpoint Research, Huawei beats Samsung in the Q1 2024 foldable sale.

With 257% increase in sales (compared to Q1 2023) after the launch of Mate X5 last year, Huawei takes the top spot.

While the sales of Samsung foldables drop by 42%. Samsung can expect the increase in sale once new foldables are released.

Honor is at the third with 460% growth, and Motorola is at the fourth with 1473% increase compared to Q1 2023.