Ashutosh Singh

Samsung is bringing Gaming Hub to Galaxy Phones

March 21, 2024

Cloud gaming services have been around for a long time now. There are big names like Geforce Now, Amazon Luna, Game Pass and more.

But these services are mostly available for PCs. There are only a few for other devices.

Samsung brought Gaming Hub to its TVs that combines some popular cloud gaming services in one app.

And recently at the Game Developers Conference, Samsung announced they are going to bring Gaming Hub to its Galaxy phones.

Gaming Hub will replace the Game Launcher on Galaxy phones. It will have all features of the Game Launcher.

Users will be able to play available games instantly without downloading them. They will need a fast internet for good performance.

And similar to Game Launcher, games that users download from play store or manually, will appear in the app.

Currently the Gaming Hub in beta with select number of games. With time the games library will increase.