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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in Official Photos

IMG: Samsung

Samsung launched its most durable smartwatches yet - the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

The new Galaxy Watch 5 series could be the best wearOS smartwatch for Android users.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the start of a new series, comes with more premium and tough design.

The PRO Model

Samsung launches the Pro Watch in 45mm size with a enhanced Sapphire Crystal display which is 60% more scratch resistant.


The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes with a big 590mAh battery. It also brings improved sleep and health tracking features.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes in Titanium case with D-Buckle Sport Band. The frame available in Black and Gray color options.

The Family

Samsung releases the new watch with better sleep tracking feature, ECG, GPS route tracking, sweat loss, and more.

Health Features

The anticipated Body composition feature is improved on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, thanks to curved sensor design.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro costs $450 / €470 for Bluetooth model and $500 / €520 for LTE variant.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is on pre-order now, will be available openly from August 26.


IMG: Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition

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