Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Unboxed Ahead of Launch

January 15, 2024

Samsung will launch the highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series at the Unpacked event later this week.

We know Samsung struggles a lot when it comes to preventing leaks of its devices. There has been so many leaks on Galaxy S24.

Now the Galaxy S24 Ultra unboxed ahead of the January 17 launch.

The unboxing video was leaked on TikTok. Later it was shared on Twitter/X by tastysourorange.

There are three unboxing video vary by color; Titanium Yellow, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Grey. These are not the official names.

The box comes in black color. The user didn’t reveal in-box content other than beautiful Galaxy S24 Ultra.

So for complete unboxing experience you need to wait a bit longer.

The device looks great even with the thick sides. The flat display with the sides matching rear color makes the design appealing.

My favorite color from these three is the Titanium Yellow.