Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could feature thinnest bezels

December 4, 2023

Smartphones are getting design upgrades almost every year. One of the major improvements is in the bezels department.

IMG: Unsplash

Right now the iPhone 15 has minimal bezels but we will be seeing phones with even thinner bezels next year.

IMG: Unsplash

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have even thinner bezels, but it will look wider. You may ask why?

It’s because of the side frame. Although the bezels are thin, the thick side bezels may ruin the attraction.

IMG: Smartprix

Ice Universe who is popular for his accurate leaks mostly about Samsung devices, shares his finding in a tweet.

IMG: X (David Martin)

As per the device dimension leak, the bezels on Galaxy S24 Ultra will measure 1.52mm which is the thinnest yet.

IMG: Windows Report

But on the other hand the Side frame will be the thickest frame measuring 1.85mm.

IMG: X (David Martin)

Since its also visible along with bezels, the bezels may seem thicker. And if its a black color, it may look bad.

IMG: S23 Ultra