Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Module leaked

December 25, 2023

It's raining Galaxy S24 leaks. There is less than a month left for the Galaxy S24 launch and it is expected to continue like this.

At this point, most of the information on the Galaxy S24 has come out. But there are still some details which have not been leaked yet.

IMG: Galaxy S23

The complete rear camera internal module of Galaxy S24 Ultra has been leaked in pictures.

IMG: chunvn8888

The rear camera internal part was shared by a X user chunvn8888.

We already know through previous leaks, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will get a 50MP 5x telephoto in place of the 10MP 10x telephoto.

IMG: Galaxy S23 Module

The difference is also visible in the Galaxy S24 camera internal module. The 2023 flagship has a square 10x telephoto while the S24 Ultra is shown to have a circular lens.

Ice Universe, a popular leakster, pointed out in a tweet that the square module is also present on the S24 Ultra but with a circular lens installed on top.

The new design will have benefits that we will get to see once the device is put under real-world testing.

IMG: Windows Report

At least from the specs, we know the 5x tele camera with higher mega-pixels will give better quality compared to 10x zoom with lower mega-pixels.

IMG: Windows Report