Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Battery Results are Impressive

January 23, 2024

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the most premium model of the recently launched Galaxy S24 series.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra packs latest hardware. But it is important to look at the performance before making a purchasing decision.

Since the launch, the internet has been flooded with reviews of the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra performance.

We found interesting reviews related to battery performance of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and you might also be interested in its test results.

Many YouTubers conducted battery tests between current top flagship phones.

Video: Lover of Tech

The Galaxy S24 Ultra topped the tests in most reviews, while coming in second in some tests.


Galaxy S24 Ultra battery performance is quite similar to iPhone 15 Pro Max battery. It easily reaches 10hr+ screen on time.


While Galaxy S24 Ultra has a larger 5000mAh battery, it also has higher resolution than iPhone 15 Pro Max, so on average they are same in terms of spec.

Video: Lover of Tech

Battery life results may vary by apps and games. This is due to optimization. Therefore results also depend on usage.