Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Galaxy S24 price could be lower than Galaxy S23

December 28, 2023

One thing we haven't seen in the recent leaks of the Galaxy S24 series are their prices.

But now after a long wait, the price of Galaxy S24 series for Europe has been leaked before the launch.

The price was seen in GalaxyClub report. According to the report, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ could be cheaper than their predecessors.

128GB: €899 256GB: €959

Galaxy S24 Price

Galaxy S24+ Price

256GB: €1149 512GB: €1269

Galaxy S24 Ultra Price

256GB: €1449 512GB: €1569 1TB: €1809

The leaked prices are for Europe, but you can see conversion rates for other regions. Prices are generally lower in NA than in Europe.

Most of the specifications of the Galaxy S24 series have already been leaked which you can see in the attached story.