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Samsung Galaxy S23 leaked cases confirm design change

Dec 21, 2022

Samsung's Galaxy S series to get new members next year. It is said to release in February, yes only two months from now.

IMG: Unsplash

A few days back Galaxy S23 dummy unit leaked confirming the design of all three models, Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra.

IMG: Slashleaks

Galaxy S23 to keep the design same as the current Galaxy S22 series. The only main change is in the rear camera module.

IMG: Slashleaks

As we are getting closer to the Galaxy S23 launch, more leaks with higher chance of accuracy are appearing almost every week.

IMG: @Onleaks X Smartprix

Samsung Galaxy S23 cases now appear online and confirm design changes once again.

IMG: MobileFun

One of the British eCommerce site names MobileFun listed Galaxy S23 series cases before the device release.

IMG: MobileFun

The latest listing confirms that the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus will have different camera modules than last gen.

IMG: MobileFun

Instead of the camera bump, each camera will stay on the flat surface apart from each other. And each camera will have some height.

IMG: MobileFun

As per available renders, the new camera module changes looks quite cool. Many would like the new clean camera design finish.

IMG: @Onleaks X

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