Ashutosh Singh

Samsung dethrones Apple to secure top phonemaker spot

April 17, 2024

The most profitable business for Samsung is probably the Smartphone business.

Samsung has reigned in the Smartphone industry for so long until Apple dethroned Samsung in the last quarter.

But as per the Q1 2024 data, Samsung takes back the first position from Apple.

You will be surprised to know that its not the positive numbers that lead the Samsung to regain its position.

It’s because Apple is down by 9.6% and Samsung is only down by 0.7%.

So sales numbers are still down compared to Q1 2023. And this might not be the real victory for Samsung.

In numbers, Samsung sales were at 60.5 million in Q1 2023 and it was 60.1 million in Q1 2024.

Xiaomi, Transsion, and Oppo are the other three brands in the top 5 companies with highest sales.