Ashutosh Singh

Samsung’s affordable foldable phone could cost less than $500

Nov 10, 2023

Foldable phones have become quite popular compared to when it was a new concept.

Currently, Samsung is leading the foldable market with its Flip and Fold series. Both are premium phone series.

As you would expect from premium phones, they are costly and not everyone can afford these foldables.

However, Samsung is reportedly working on mid-range foldable which will also come at a cheaper price.

As per the leak from Tech_Reve, Samsung is planning to keep the price of mid-range foldable between $400-$500.

The leakster didn’t mention if it's a flip or fold. But looking at the given prices it must be about the clamshell form factor which is cheaper than the Galaxy fold form factor.

If this happens, more users get to experience foldable phones without emptying their pockets.

The $400 price would make the foldable phone cheaper than the Galaxy A54 which is a mid-range Samsung phone.

If Samsung keeps the price between the leaked price, then more people will shift to the foldable environment.

Of course, Samsung will do some cost-cutting in areas where they can so don’t expect it to be powerful as the current Galaxy Flip lineup.

But if you are someone who enjoy normal tasks on their phone, then this is one of the great news for you.