Ashutosh Singh

Pixel Fold 2 early look reveals major design changes

Feb 8, 2024

The foldable market is growing every year. Last year Google released its first Pixel foldable.

IMG: Unsplash

Later this year, Google will release the second foldable of the series maybe in the same month as last year.

Android Authority has claimed to have received photos of an early version of the upcoming Pixel Fold 2.

The source also revealed that the cover screen is narrower and the overall form factor will be different from the first-generation foldable.

Also, the camera island is getting a new design. In the first generation it has a straight rectangular camera bar.

According to the leaked image, the second gen will have a square camera island. This may be due to the less size available at the rear.

The source who shared the image with Android Authority also claims that the display cutout for the internal camera will be present in the top right corner.

According to the source the crease is fairly visible in the folding area. However, this news is for early version and may be subject to change depending on Google's decision.