Ashutosh Singh

Pixel 8 Pro can now measure your body temperature

Jan 28, 2024

IMG: Google

Pixel 8 Pro was released last year. It is still the latest flagship from Google.

The Pixel 8 Pro also has a temperature sensor on the back, just below the LED flash.

Video: Tim Schofield (Twitter)

But the sensor was not useful because it was only able to measure temperature of a few objects. But now it has become more useful.

Recently, Google released a feature drop update that now allows measuring body temperature. Here's how to measure body temperature.

First things first, Open Thermometer on your Pixel 8 Pro.

It will show Object and Body measurement options. Choose Body Temperature Measurement.

Video: Tim Schofield (Twitter)

Now enter your age and tap start measurement. Point the sensor towards the center of the forehead. Keep the sensor close to the forehead.

Video: Tim Schofield (Twitter)

For better results, slowly move the sensor to either the left or right end of your forehead, and it will display your body temperature.