Ashutosh Singh

Pixel 8 might get more updates than iPhone 15

September 26, 2023

Google is all set to launch the new Pixel flagship lineup on October 4. The lineup includes Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Google will launch the Pixel 8 series with key upgrades. We might also see a new update policy for new devices.

Currently, Google offers 3 years of Android updates and 5 years of security updates, but Google advertises it as 5 years of updates.

There are some rumors hinting that the Pixel 8 lineup could come with 7 years of updates. There could be two scenarios for this promise.

One is if the Pixel 8 gets 5 years of Android updates and 7 years of security updates. Or the lineup could get 7 years of both Android and security updates.

Even if the new Pixel series gets 5 years of OS updates that will be a good jump from 3 years of OS updates. 

Currently, Samsung is offering 4 years of OS updates for flagship models.

If Google gives 7 years of OS updates, it can beat the iPhone 15 as most iPhones get around five or six years of updates.

But there is no exact number for iPhones so it can be even more for some iPhones. It depends on Apple and device hardware capabilities.