Ashutosh Singh

A new Pixel 6a unboxing video spotted on YouTube

Pixel 6a is the upcoming phone from Google which is scheduled to release on July 28.

Video: Google

Google announced the Pixel 6a at the Google I/O event. Pixel 6a is the affordable version of the Pixel 6 series.

IMG: Google

A few days back, Pixel 6a unboxing spotted on TikTok which was later removed. But now a new professional unboxing video goes live on YouTube.

IMG: TikTok

The Pixel 6a unboxing video is uploaded by a known Indonesian YouTuber - Fazli Halim, reveals Pixel 6a box content and other details.

Video: YouTube (Fazli Halim)

The video gives a hands on side by side comparison with Pixel 6 Pro. Pixel 6a camera bump is thinner than Pixel 6 Pro.

IMG: YouTube (Fazli Halim)

Camera, Software, Fingerprint Sensor, and almost everything revealed in the video. Pixel 6a looks very similar to Pixel 6.

IMG: YouTube (Fazli Halim)

Although its design and specs were leaked earlier, this video gives a professional look at the device along with comparison. 

IMG: YouTube (Fazli Halim)

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