Ashutosh Singh

Motorola wants to switch smartwatch with bendable phone

Oct 28, 2023

IMG: Unsplash

Innovation and interest lead the tech products to success and sometimes to failure. In the last decade we witnessed many innovations.

Motorola was one of the first few brands to acknowledge foldables. In the success of foldables, Motorola’s contribution is equal to that of Samsung.

IMG: Motorola Razr+

In the Tech World conference, Motorola showcased its new concept phone with adaptive display which is flexible display.

IMG: Motorola Razr+

The concept phone can be used as flat standard smartphone and it can be bent backwards and can be wrapped around wrist.

Video: Motorola

Yes, Motorola showcased the bendable phone wrapped around wrist. Is Motorola aiming to replace Smartwatches with new bendable phone?

Video: Motorola

I don’t think many would like to use a phone while holding it around a wrist. But there could be other use cases of bendable phone.

IMG: Motorola

Motorola didn’t share any other information about the bendable phone except for the showcase.

As usual, the concept may not be successful in the first attempt, but with right upgrades it could become next innovation like foldables.