Haneet Singh

Motorola Razr 2023 leak reveals implausible display upgrade

Feb 22, 2023

Clamshell foldable phones get better with each passing year. Every smartphone OEM is working hard to bring the best product to market.

IMG: Samsng Galaxy Z Flip 4

It all started with the Motorola Razr in 2019, later joined by the Samsung and other OEMs. Moto already released three-generations of Razr.

IMG: Moto Razr 2022

The Razr series is quite good is some ways but it didn’t get popular as the Galaxy Z Flip series. But the things could change with the upcoming clamshell.

Motorola is offering the best external display experience on the clamshell, thanks to the software features. Nevertheless, the display size is insufficient for most tasks.

IMG: @evleaks (Razr 2023)

Motorola's forthcoming foldable could solve the problem. Yes, the leaked renders of Razr 2023 suggest a major external display upgrade.

The new big exterior display will show full notifications, and navigation buttons for easier controls.

IMG: @evleaks (Razr 2023)

There are two cameras and a led flash cutout in the exterior display.

IMG: @evleaks (Razr 2023)

IMG: TheTechOutlook

With the bigger display, users will be able to use it for more tasks, and this will serve the purpose of a pocket phone in the right way.

Here's another look at the upcoming clamshell foldable smartphone.

IMG: TheTechOutlook